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Empleo de Ingeniero de Utilidades Sr
Monsanto en Pergamino - BA

Descripción del puesto de trabajo

Ingeniero de Utilidades Sr

The Sr. Utilities Engineer position is responsible to control indicators/procedures in Utilities area (Electricity, Gas, Water, Biomass and Effluents Treatment) in all seed manufacturing and others related sites. It is expected from this role to lead procedures review will bring substantial energy consumption reduction, overall natural resources usage optimization (water, biomass,…) and keep ETE´s working according to the initial projects .The Utilities Engineer will be also a key member of operational teams, setting standards and guidelines, looking for high efficiency and sustainable systems on actual projects/installations The person in the role executes multiple parallel activities, in multiple locations, meeting targeted outcomes mainly in process and cost management and utilities reliability. Limited supervision on typical assignments.

Main Activities/Responsibilities:
* Manage all Utilities services in Argentina Corn Seed sites, assuring minimal disruption at optimal costs and meeting all MON standards and governmental regulations;
* Lead the Green Funnel governance being the sponsor of projects which will leverage finance, social and environmental aspects;
* Interacts and communicates regularly with plant and field operations leads preparing reports and analyzes data such as facilities and utilities cost and quality of service provided, and makes recommendations for improving plant operations;
* Responsible to manage all regulatory and technical aspects to meet best standards of operation in Utilities area;
* Owner Support Utilities demand decisions making about Long Rang Plan of investment needs (equipment and structure) on plants to support business growth;
* Develop engineered solutions for day-to-day process problems, long term business needs and regulatory compliance, including feasibility studies and scope determination, assuring high efficiency systems from energy and natural resources standpoint;
* Responsible for seeking opportunities on Utilities usage reduction with implementation of associated KPIs for all related process (e.g.: Energy (kW/TonRw), Gas (m3/TonRW), Water usage (m3/TonRW) and overall sustainability index;
* Manage gas and energy bill in monthly basis looking for opportunities of lower usage/cost;
* Keep close contact with Plant Optimization teams, truly supporting the plan for biomass energy cogeneration;
* Coordinate interface with the internal customers to ensure that the functional definition and project scope/premises are well defined (guidelines and standards) and agreed upon, concerning Utilities processes;
* Coordinate with plant and engineering teams, the implementation of system which will provide a reliable and accurate utilities usage measurement in all processes;
* Ensure change management, routine communication and proper approvals are complete;
* Provide technical assistance on critical Utilities process activities;
* Responsible for delivery corporate facilities services per defined scope while striving to meet and exceed customer expectations
* Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or equivalent. Additonaly kwonledge in Business Administration will be considered
* English (advanced level or fluent) required;
* Portuguese is recommend;
* Experience in Utilities process is desired, including participation on/and leading teams and technical projects;
* Experience in leading teams including a contractor workforce in a production environment is also desired;

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    Un buen lugar para trabajar

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    Zárate, BA

    Pros: Es una buena empresa, la cual cuida de su personal y personal contratista diariamente y también del medio ambiente, creando una buena fuente de trabajo.

    Contras: Tendrían que ver la posibilidad de tener en cuenta al personal contratista ya que cumplen una función en cadena de la productividad de la empresa y por ello no tendría que haber diferencias

    Consejos para los directivos: No dejen de fomentar que es una empresa para crecer en lo profesional como en lo personal

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    Pros: Es una empresa, donde si quieres crecer tienes oportunidades de hacerlo. Además de la experiencia personal que podes adquirir también hay muchas oportunidades para aprender en base a la experiencia de otros, es una organización horizontal donde los lideres son muy accesibles, hay buena gente y gran espíritu de equipo. Se trabaja por objetivos lo cual es muy bueno porque resulta en un esquema flexible.

    Contras: Los cambios tanto en el negocio como en la organización son constantes por lo tanto es clave estar preparado para convivir con ello. Trabajar por objetivos es muy bueno porque uno puede enfocarse, pero también puede resultar contraproducente si uno mismo no logra administrarse su propio balance vida-trabajo.

    Consejos para los directivos: Asegurense que todos los empleados tengan oportunidades de desarrollo. No deleguen esa tarea solo en los people managers. Mantengan vigentes los buenos beneficios.