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Empleo de Google News Lab Lead (English, Spanish)
Google en Buenos Aires - CF

Descripción del puesto de trabajo

Google News Lab Lead (English, Spanish)

The Google News Lab is our effort to empower innovation at this intersection of technology and media. Our mission is to collaborate with journalists and entrepreneurs to build the future of media with Google. We do this through a global outreach effort to empower technology-driven storytelling in newsrooms, with a focus on data-driven insights from Google Trends and a partnership-focused approach to creating new projects that foster unique innovations in newsrooms and startups. We forge new industry coalitions and conversations that support high quality journalism, fact-checking and local journalism. Working with product teams we share insights from the journalism community to help improve our tools.

As our News Lab Lead in Buenos Aires, you’ll partner with organizations to help support high quality journalism, identifying new opportunities to experiment with technology, and help build on our global training effort. You’ll run a pipeline-driven partnership outreach effort to Argentinian media partners, connecting with journalists through events, newsroom visits, online trainings, and more.

You’ll have a creative approach to working with media partners and innovators, and you’ll build new ways to convene the broader news ecosystem together to work on common challenges. With a passion for journalism, you’ll search for insightful partnerships that leverage new emerging technology, such as data journalism, virtual reality and machine learning. We’re looking for an excellent communicator, someone comfortable teaching a room full of media experts on how to use Google technology. You’ll be based and focused on Argentina, but you’ll have an eye on how programs could scale to the rest of Spanish speaking Latin America.

Last but not least, you are a team player who loves working on a purpose-driven team that operates with high creativity and velocity.

Know the user. Know the magic. Connect the two. At its core, marketing at Google starts with technology and ends with the user, bringing both together in unconventional ways. Our job is to demonstrate how Google's products solve the world's problems--from the everyday to the epic, from the mundane to the monumental. And we approach marketing in a way that only Google can--changing the game, redefining the medium, making the user the priority, and ultimately, letting the technology speak for itself.


  • Build a strong pipeline of regular partnership outreach to media partners in Argentina, conducting regular tutorials that teach journalists on how to use a range of digital tools. Partner with journalism organizations, associations and unions to hold joint technology training workshops.
  • Hold community events that bring together entrepreneurs and journalists from a variety of organizations to collaborate together around new technologies for storytelling.
  • Develop partnerships with innovative organizations in the media and content space, leveraging Google technologies to deliver new ways of sharing information that can be scaled to other partners.
  • Bring an entrepreneurial spirit to work everyday, conceiving of new opportunities and avenues to help the media industry grow with Google.
  • Build editorial partnerships focused on Google Trends - delivering data-driven insights to media partners in unique ways.


Minimum qualifications:
* Bachelor's degree or equivalent practical experience.
* 8 years of relevant experience in communications; working directly with press and the media.
* Ability to speak and write in English and Spanish fluently and idiomatically.

Preferred qualifications:
* Experience working in the media industry or similar content-driven industry.
* A deep knowledge of and passion for technology, and a strong track record using technology and online tools in innovative ways.
* Excellent public speaking and interpersonal skills.
* Ability to manage several concurrent projects with timely deliverables; excellent organizational skills.

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  • Hace cerca de 2 meses

    Excelente ambiente para el crecimiento profesional

    Gerente de Marketing

    Córdoba, CD

    Pros: Ambiente saludable y equilibrado con baja presión y gran libertad para desarrollar el trabajo. Existe la oportunidad de trabajar con nuevas tecnologías y soluciones a gran escala, lo que permite realizar propuestas y soluciones innovadoras. La oficina está bien localizada.

    Contras: Muchos puestos de dirección. Se paga bien, se exige de la misma manera pero el trabajo de cada día presenta un desafío. Varias fusiones y, por el sector

    ¿Recomienda a la empresa?: Si

  • Hace 8 meses


    Ejecutivo de Cuenta Junior

    Buenos Aires, CF

    Pros: Es flexible, me permite estudiar y se preocupan por que lo haga, me dejan dar ideas y implementarlas yo misma, y tengo excelentes compañeros

    Contras: Son muchas horas que debo cumplir, con la facultad es mucho, no tengo tiempo de hacer cosas para mi y a veces termino haciendo trabajo extra

    ¿Recomienda a la empresa?: Si